The Social Benefits

The Who, the Why and the Where


We live in fantastic communities but sometimes they just need a little help. Our work enables great things to happen and over the years we have helped create and work, on some brilliant community projects. We have found that poverty is very often a barrier to inclusion so we try to create events that involve no cost to participate. These have included prize winning carnival costume workshops, a Share Fair - market with no money - where we fed over 600 people and provided free books, clothing and entertainment ( The Share Fair we held in Bodmin  )a fashion show where 46 children wore 52 garments that we made for them and walked the catwalk infront of 211 people, a mile of bunting where we worked with guides, brownies and lined the village carnival route with bunting amongst so many other projects and events we have been involved in.

Our future aims are to continue working with textiles in ways that bring the community together in bigger and better ways. More workshops for all abilities that are both mindfull and uplifting, like making bags that will be used for essential items for those in real need and through agencies we able to help offer that little bit of dignity back. The social Monday meet ups that have naturally occurred and have given the chance for those suffering from isolation to come together at least once a week and to be with like minded people. The demand from community groups to us is for fashion shows and workshops from all ages. The festivals we have taking part in this year where we made fantastic sales and offered free repair services and workshops have been a huge hit with our volunteers and staff so we will be going back to them with fresh ideas and increased workshops and we want to be involved in more all year markets and after a very successful pop up street market help in Bodmin, the demand from both the youth traders and public who attended made it a fantastic event that needs to be repeated. And then swishing , our recent swishing events will continue through Bodmin, Par and Truro as we find it a brilliant way to bring people together, it gives space for volunteers to join in the fun and the amounts that have potentially been diverted from landfill is amazing and averaging nearly 500kg per event. These are the thing we will try to continue, those things that have been community led, through demand and through people coming and asking to be part of this.

The Why ?


  • First and foremost, Tex was created with the idea of helping people in our communities.
  • The last few years has seen us working on community projects that tackled social issues and there seemed to be current themes when in came to creating sustainable communities.
  • We found that there is often lack of employment opportunities for both the younger and older people in our communities and the  `Throw Away`  culture that has been created simply cannot be sustained. 
  • Combined, both end up on the scrap heap, either physically or metaphysically, and with that in mind we started to look for solutions.
  • We think Tex has a small part to play in helping to find that solution and can help create more sustainable communities.
  • Our products are made from around 90% recycled textiles, textiles that would often end up in  land fill. They have been kindly donated by people like you or have come to us through commercial / trade end of use. Either way, the textiles would have previously ended up on the scrap heap.
  • The fantastic people behind the products would often fall into the `disadvantaged` group. The kind of people that get `over looked` at interviews and often are undervalued or under –employed. 

Using beautiful designs, fabulous textiles and such talented people we can now bring to you unique products that help build sustainable communities and gives back a little hope for all involved. 

Our Eco Products come with massive Social Benefits.

On a serious note...

Cornwall is a fantastic place but scratch the surface and cracks appear.
This year, 17 areas of real deprivation were identified in Cornwall, making those areas among the poorest 10% in the UK.
We   live in one of those identified areas and work out of another so we  really know, and feel, the effects of poverty in Cornwall and this is  why its personal for us.
We know we can make a difference as our work has shown this and so far we have achieved great results.
We can do more, and we will do more, but we might need a little help from time to time.

You can help out quite easily.

  • You can tell people about the fantastic work we do
  • You can buy our products as it helps with employment
  • You can come for tea and a chat. Sometimes that's all it takes !
  • You could donate some used clothing or textiles
  • You could join in on one of our workshops or events
  • You could ask us to help you make carnival costumes
  • Or you could simply support a local community group by volunteering and making your places and spaces a better place to be.

Who we work with

 We are lucky as we are involved with some fantastic people.
Some of them include ;-

  • Cultivate Cornwall CiC
  • Cornwall and Devon Community Organisers
  • Eden Communities
  • Bodmin College
  • Thai Community of Cornwall
  • Little Wrens clothing bank
  • Keep Cornwall Fed cic
  • Par Bay Community Trust
  • Par Carnival
  • The Group
  • Better Lives
  • The Lighthouse cic
  • KBSK performing arts cic
  • Why not see your name here? Would you like to help out or would you like help from us? Let us know your thoughts.

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